11 January, 2012

January Detox

We're 11 days into 2012 and I'm 11 days into a very important New Years resolution, a resolution which is made by numerous people every January and then again every Monday morning for the rest of the year! The resolution, the belief and power that this year....this year, you will get fitter, trimmer and healthier! This year I feel differently about this tried and tested resolution, perhaps because I turn the big and dreaded 3-0 in May and I don't want to spend my thirties obsessing about looks, weight, fitness and my lack of it, like I have done for the last 10 years. Life is too short.....but also life can be or could be considerably shorter if I don't improve my fitness levels!

With that in mind, I've joined the lovely gym in the university. I have and always have been a hater of the gym, I would stroll in, already demotivated, in bad form and annoyed for having to go there in the first place and then, I'd leave early, having barely broken a sweat. The best part is that I would wonder why I wasn't slimmer or fitter and pester the other half (who works out four times a week and has done every week since I've know him) to be my personal trainer!

This year, I have a new secret weapon, or at least have discovered something that is working incredibly well for me. Music, plain and simple. I've never been the type of person to buy mountains of CD's or drool over a boy band in my teenage years, but since becoming a lover of the iPhone, I've also become a lover of itunes, and as result, I've bought and downloaded albums specifically created for you to listen to when working out. 

Listening to music while working out may seem like an obvious "oh my god, I can't believe you DON'T listen to music while working out" choice, but honestly I had not realized the mega impact a good tune can have on your workout! So for those of you out there, thinking or currently engaging in a new regime...get yourself some tunes!! I recommend the following albums...(note: they are of the "Normally you'd run off to Ibiza  and drink the head of yourself with your 18 year old bezzie mates" type tunes!) 
  • The Workout Mix 2012 
  • Pump It Up - The Ultimate Workout Mix
All of the above are available on itunes, and will help towards a more fun workout!

Oh....and a decent shock absorbing (very important!) sports bra, don't forget to buy one of those!!


  1. Im gonna try do this aswell!! been putting it off for too long!! I know I wont do the gym thing though so I got a Wii! been going well so far. Good Luck!! Ill be here for moral support!!

  2. Fair play Rebecca, you are totally right, it's about finding what works for you, that's what will make you stick to it.
    I listen to my audiobook when I'm on my bike, otherwise I would die of boredom and hop off after 5 mins.

  3. Love the positive quotes! They are lovely and I felt showered with positive vibes which I really need now!

    From Singapore:


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