10 January, 2012

Valentines 2012!

 Yes, Yes I know...Christmas is barely over and here I am shoving lovey-dovey Valentines cards in your face, but I'm afraid I am a romantic at heart! However after five (and a bit) years together, the beau and I most likely will not celebrate Valentines (well...maybe not to the extent we have done in the past) because he'll be studying for some very important exams before he goes on his (exciting) placement.

So, for those of you, who are loved up and wish to share some of that amazing love with your special other half, here are a few Valentines cards for your approval. They're not  the usual (I think) too rose-mantic or "pass me the bucket, I'm going to puke from all the love" type of cards....they're subtle, with hints of purples and green too. Who needs that much pink anyways? 

After all the hustle of Christmas and a craft room full to the brim with red paper and snowflake punches it was nice, if not a welcome relief to break into the Valentines selection. More images can be viewed here

Enjoy! x


  1. Love the new cards hun...and your new blog layout looks fab..just wondering did you design it yourself or get it designed?im looking into changing mine xxx


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