31 January, 2012

Today I heart....

...those who are brave enough to create and publish those insanely interesting "What I wore today" posts! I don't consider myself to be at all fashionable, I wear what suits my shape and tend to stay away from black as it drains my face and who wants to look like they're going to a funeral all day, everyday anyways! I also don't know alot about fashion, nine times out of ten, I'll see gorgeous clothes in a clothes shop, think to myself  "that might suit me!"....but usually leave the dressing room about 10 minutes later blaming my "hips that don't lie" for said garment not suiting me in the slightest.

So I guess, if I was to even attempt a "What I wore today" post, that I would consider it to bevaguely uninteresting for those out there who gander through my blog each and every day...so rather than taking inspiration from me, take inspiration instead from those braver than little ole me!

Check out Meredith from One Sheepish Blog, I adore her sweet style and she's also a very talented knitter with quite an amazing amount of followers! She often talks about using her blog as an outlet to increase her confidence hence the "What I wore" posts on her blogs. Check out the grey jumper which she recently up-styled by adding adorable red hearts! "Sell these jumpers!", the voice inside my head screams!

Also, we have the very talented Ruth Crean of Nice Day Designs, a fellow Limerick blogger like myself I have to say Ruth looks fantastic in this photo! What a funky and daring dress! It suits her so much! I admire her confidence for wearing it and testing out the vintage parameters! I also kinda want those potato men staring at her from behind!

I just love the cuetness of this outfit, check out the shoes for one! Tied in with a great hair colour, Kaelah from the blog little chief honeybee makes dress for day an effortless task! I'm very jealous! I also want the gusto to wear coloured tights! Of all the black things I have in my possession an abundance of black tights (for work purposes) would be top of the list!

Anyone who can snap themselves in floral pants and look good while doing so always gets my vote! Lola Dee is very creative when it comes to her style and why not, she's only a young one! Her blog is also always full of interesting reads, I suggest you follow her, I can assure you, you won't be dissappointed. She's also a dab hand at using colour really well!

And finally.....seriously, How quirky and amazing is the style of Amy Morby who thrifts a lot of her clothing! *Sigh*, I would only do the same if it weren't for the lack of amazing thrift stores in my home town! This is a girl after my own heart, colourful, energetic and not one bit afraid to show it!! From the funky shoes to the bright stripes of the shirt...she's a modern day 70's gal!

One day, (When I have an outfit worthy to show the world.wide.web) I'll join the ranks of "What I wore" today!


  1. Oh thanks a million for the feature, I feel quite lucky to be counted among these other super stylish ladies!!
    You should give it a try, I've found since I've started doing these post I'm dressing more adventurously and making more of an effort. I sometimes find myself shopping and thinking, 'oh this would look really good on the blog if I wore it with ...', obsessed much??!
    The bit I find hard is taking the picture, my camera is terrible and I can't find my tripod. The other morning I had my camera balanced on a box of crackers, I had to focus on a chair, put on 10 sec delay, whip the chair away, fix my hair and look serene and cool....not an easy task!
    Ps:do you mind sticking a link to my website so people can see my other posts?Thanks!!

  2. Ahh you are so sweet!! Thank you so so much for featuring me. Made my day! xo

  3. That is true I actually like her! I feel you are too good quality to mark intelligence! Thanks for posting.
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