29 January, 2012

My day in photographs - 28.01.2012

My day in photographs is a lovely way of sharing your day. The idea being that you take an image every hour from the moment you start your day to the moment you end your day. This is my first time trying it and while I wasn't religious about taking an image every hour, you get the idea of how my day went.

Breakfast! - I love eggs! I think they are the
most perfect food! I also love a hot cup of tea in my I heart tea mug!

To the gym or have a shower? I woke up with a really bad
throat and as a result, decided it would be a gym free day!

Getting ready for the day! I had planned to meet up with old work colleagues, one of which was treating us to lunch in her house. Also used it as an opportunity to try out my new owl ring!

1pm - 3pm - Lunch!
We were really spoiled with an amazing spread of foods! Check out the pretty bowls,
I love how they don't match! Creating your own style is best!

 Dessert! The first dessert I've had in weeks due to my fitness regime! Ger made her own lemon curd which tasted devine, tasty almond macroons, mini meringues and even lovelier fudge brownies! 
They were to die for!

4pm - 5pm
My friend lives in the most amazing house from the 1930's which is placed in the countryside. Complete with orginal features such as orginal doors and door knobs, the house is a throw back to a more glamtime! I adore it and secretly wished that one day I get to live in a similar house!

5pm - Colouring in time!
I was in my element when my friends little girl Ruby brought out her art box!

6pm - Home time and catch up with some dishes while I tried to nurse my sore throat!

7pm - 10pm
 Throat too sore to head out to meet with work friends
so decide a night in front of the TV with a move is more apt!

Hope you all had a lovely, relaxing Saturday! I'm looking forward to next Saturday, I'll be in London to taste some delights in Jamie Olivers restaurant!


  1. Oh what a cute day!! Every day should be filled with cake,pretty bowls, popcorn, & movies.

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

    I've been sick all week so i haven't worked out at all, how bold!! I'll attempt to get back to it tomorrow if I'm feeling better

  2. I have that I heart tea mug too! Had coffee in it is morning, that's just how I roll, living on the edge.


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