21 January, 2012

What Limerick needs.....

There are a million and one things that Limerick and towns / cities like Limerick needs, but one of them in my humble opinion is a decent thrift / charity store. On my trips to NYC and Berlin, I have drooled over the amazing markets, stalls and stores that can be found over there, however in the category of thrift, Limerick just doesn't do it for me. Dublin, yes...Limerick, no. 

The reason, I think is that charity shops in Limerick are used for dumping and not donating. We all....yes, WE ALL, have lovely items in our wardrobe which fall into the following categories a) Never worn and still has its original tags or b) Doesn't fit anymore, but apparently you keep telling yourself that one day it will! (FYI, It won't......believe me!)

Despite the fact we all hang these items and continue to hold on to them, we don't look at the possible potential they have or the new deserving happy home they could go to. During a recent college project, I spoke with the lovely volunteers of Oxfam on William Street. Oxfam in Limerick was the first charity shop in the city and I had the unique opportunity to speak with their longest serving volunteer who had an impressive 20 years service! 

She reminisced of the days when they received good quality clothing but today, its getting harder and harder to get good donations to re-sell. I thought about my own spare room full to the brim of items never worn and decided it was time, that I as an active citizen should donate these good quality items instead of dumping a load of....well....rubbish clothing just so that I could free up some closet space. After donating the items below, (the majority of which are from major labels and have been unworn), my conscience feels better and my spare room alot cleaner! I hope they found a new home and that those who purchased them were excited at finding a decent find!


  1. Hi,Good for you donating some decent gear:) I know what you mean about Charity 'dumping ground' Shops. We have them also:( Yet on the other Hand we have new ones starting up which are made to look like fancy Boutiques with 'trendy' empty shelves!!! And the price's reflect this and everyone wonders why nobody buy's anything.

  2. It looks like you gave some really nice stuff. It is tough to get good things, but I do go in a lot and have found some great stuff. Although they are starting to get pretty expensive in the past two years. I won't pay €10 for a pair of boots that came from Pennys!


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