23 June, 2012

Woah, that was quick!!

I returned to college....remember?

It's hard to believe it's been almost two years since I walked back through the doors of the Limerick School of Art & Design to start a Masters programme in Socially Engaged Art. It's been a difficult but rewarding two years which, thankfully has put me slap, bang back into the world of contempory art. A place I drifted away from...a place I missed and a place I hope not to leave. It came with the price of having to neglect my little blog for quite sometime, followers lost along the way no doubt, but hopefully in the long run, a small price to pay.

I'm happy, pleased (and tired too!) to say that a huge chunk of my MA and subsequent project is finito! However, the project I conjured up, a response to anti-social behaviour in my local area will continue long after MA has been officially completed and long after I've graduated. The LuckyRainbow blog isn't the correct platform to speak about the project, so to learn more, hop on over to the (in the process of being brought up to date) Neighbourhood Talks website and be sure to check the links to the appropriate Facebook and Twitter pages too. Followers of this type of socially engaged art are most welcome as are questions.

For now, I'm back to my sweet guilty pleasure of card making with a few ideas up my sleeve for future projects. I've missed my little blog and corner of the web and I've missed reading up on some favourite blogs too. These little pleasures are a welcome distraction from the deep language of art speak I've come to re-learn over the last few years.....it won't be forgotten, but instead, embraced!

To bring me back to the crafty world once more.....a few pinterest picks.

Clever 'sharpie' mugs // Wouldn't these make adorable home made gifts
via here

I'm tempted to reorganise the craft room, have a clear out, leg it to IKEA and try the above! Beautiful! - via here

.....because you can never have too much turquoise and basically because it goes with everything!
via here

This, I have to try.....ah-dor-able // via here

Excited about Marseille // I'm travelling there in about 3 weeks time!

Have a wondeful weekend! xox


  1. Congrats! Just finished my MA and know how amazing it feels, plus you have set up a project which will continue - well done! Have a fab time in Marseille, we've missed you on the blog but the break there will be well earned. xx

  2. Ah Thanks so much!!! Nice to know I was missed!! :) Congratulations on completing your MA too!! It's a great feeling to be (almost!) done! :)xxx

  3. I love your blog so welcome back to it:) I'll look forward to seing new projects:) Sarah


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