25 February, 2013


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Currently, what am I up to?

Mr Selfridge! It's been described as 'Downtown Abbey with tills' and every Sunday evening at 9pm, I tune in with a glass of wine. It's my 'last treat of the weekend' before the doom and gloom of another working week begins. (It's not really doom and gloom, I'd just rather be in the craft room!)

A ton of new blogs and not many books. I know this will sound weird, but whenever I start to read a book, fiction, chit lit..whatever, my mind wanders. I can't seem to hold concentration and weirdly enough, I get sleepy and usually nod off. Honest. Perhaps I just haven't found any decent books that grip me after a few pages and which can hold my interest. I'd love you to recommend a few if you know of any!

Victoria Sponges, brownies and marble cakes. I got a few dessert / baking books for Christmas and it'd be rude not to try them out.

My hair! It's now a bright shade of intense red.Not the kind of red Rhianna might don but you know, an acceptable colour you can wear to work. (The odd grey hair is poking through, dyeing hair is now part of the beauty regime I'm afraid!)

Vegetables! I recently made the decision to follow a vegetarian diet. I had been thinking about it for a long time, well over a year and this week I made the decision. I'm about a week in and I haven't had a craving for meat, chicken or fish once. In fact, I made some lovely chickpea burgers and salad this evening. It was really filling and I've also been considering juicing a whirl. Oh and don't forget Porridge too. After spending years hating the stuff and I'm now 100% in love with it. (I'll do a blog post soon on the reasons behind this decision)

I did great before Christmas and lost a good bit of weight and toned up. All that went out the window over Christmas and again in January. I have noticed the change, so now I need to get moving again. I think it'll help in improving my mood of late too. I'm trying out Jillian Michaels 30 day shred and its available on YouTube if you feel the urge to pull yourself off the sofa. Go on, do it! Each session is only 20 minutes. It can be hard, but over before you know it.

Listening to:
Lyric FM. An Irish radio station which I find particularly soothing.

Tea, tea and more tea. I have been thinking maybe I should try and convert to herbal tea...but no, I love my tea. Especially the first cup in the morning.

Mothers Day cards, St Patrick's Day cards, Wedding cards and some custom orders which I always love. I also, finally got some fabric and thread and got started with my sewing machine. I made a little plush dog which I tell you, am incredibly proud of. Up close and to a trained eye, the sewing is probably not the best, but hey Cath Kidson had to start somewhere too.

What are you guys up to?


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