24 February, 2013

Mothers Day

No sooner has one holiday ended and it's time for another! Mothers Day is marked for March 10th this year and so as always, I've created and experimented some new ideas and put together a range of Mothers Day cards.

Apologies in advance for the images, they were taken via Instagram. Today it appears, is a day for technical difficulties. One minute its my internet connection and the next it's my camera. Where would we be without our pieces of equipment and connections to the world wide web?

Back to the crafts. Some images to indulge you. Each are priced at €4 and can be shipped anywhere in the world. The good news, if you're based in Ireland, shipping is free!


  1. These are lovely :) I especially like the butterfly card with the peg!

    1. Thanks so much Emma. Those tiny pegs are a new addition to the craft room!


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