18 February, 2013

Positive Quotes and Dream Jobs

Today lets talk about dream jobs and all those positive quotes out there telling us to 'Go get it', 'Follow your dreams' and 'Be happy'. I want to question and discuss whether this really is possible. Can you up sticks, quit the routine and monthly wage of a job, be adventurous and take up your idea of a dream job? Can you literally half or quarter your income and happily support yourself, still pay the bills and have enough at the end of the month for the odd treat?

Many of us would say yes it is, but the reality behind implementing 'insert dream here' that underlies these positive quotes is that it takes careful planning, hard work and alot of focus and in the case of moi, a whole lot of focus. Especially financial focus, so lets talk about that old chestnut.

As someone with a short attention span and a fickle temperament, I am constantly changing my mind and what it is I actually want. One minute I want to stay put, save a shed load of money and the next I'm checking out the rental costs of living in some far reached destination and if said country are looking for any stationary addicts like myself, then I'm sending an email with a lovely CV their way and popping it into their inbox complete with a smiley face. (ok, ok, no smiley face, I'm faaaar more professional than that!)

At the grand ole age of 30, my savings are few and far between and I'm currently focusing on throwing, literally throwing money at my bank so that I can pay off that swanky MA I recently completed. The good news is that by the end of the year, I'll be debt free and then all that money I was throwing at the bank can then be thrown into a savings account....or under my mattress. I'm also being a grown up and putting away a good proportion of money each month and have set a target of money to be saved at the end of the year. The money literally comes out of my account the day I'm paid, so I can't get my spending paws anywhere near to it. This, is good for me.

Taking all the above into account, it does leave me wondering where I squander the rest of my pennies and as a result, I've taken matters into my own hands. I've started to divvy up my monthly wage. x goes here, x goes there and x goes on those fabulous craft supplies I saw on Etsy last month. (I wish!). Sitting down and working out the debits and credits can really empower you, you're in charge of your moo-la and you decide how, where and when it should be spent. Its important stuff peeps and I encourage you to tot up those pretty coffees you have each month, keep track of all those tunes downloaded from itunes and perhaps look at ways in which you can save more or even make more!

By learning to look after your finances better, sticking a few quid in a cookie jar somewhere each month (aka the bank!), you'll be more than ready when that dream job comes a'calling or even better, when you feel ready yourself to take the plunge and create your own dream job. The funds will be there to help you move house, pay a hefty deposit, perhaps hire some movers and of course throw the most fabulous of house warming parties!

While the saying 'saving for a rainy day' can sound boring and not in the least bit exciting, perhaps think of it in your own terms such as 'saving for a new adventure', 'saving for that dream holiday' or in my terms 'saving so that I can go get um tiger, move country and take over the world pa!'. Yes...yes that is the real title behind my ickle dream.

Go make yours and get your saving butt on! :)


  1. Thank you for pointing this out. Up to now it was a background thought more than a definite topic! :D

  2. We are slowly realizing that this quote could not be more true. Thanks for sharing and for the encouragement! We understand how you are feeling. Xo, M&K at BT


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