22 June, 2013

Lets be Bloglovin friends......pretty please!

In case you and the internet were on a break, Google reader will be no more from July 1st! What does that mean I hear you cry? Well, if you use Google reader to keep up with your favourite blogs and their funky, informative and down right awesome posts, then you won't be able to read them. Yup, nada, ziltch...."computer says no!".

So hows about we all just move over to Bloglovin and become besties over there. It's lovely, the kind of place where you can chill out, kick off your shoes and dance like no one is watching. I'd hate to you lose any of you between the hustle and bustle of the shuffle and hey, if you're on the move there too (or elsewhere for that matter!) - do let me know, I'm nosey like that and more importantly want to keep in touch with y'all.

So to conclude, jump into Bloglovin, the waters just fine and isn't it time we took a risk, sweetheart?


  1. I took the leap and followed you over there!.... now I just have to get myself organised and tell everyone.

  2. Im a new bloglovin follower to your blog. =)

  3. Hi Rebecca, I think I am there too. Even at the beginning waters feels cold, but I know it will get warmer the longer we swim. :)


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