29 June, 2013

Goodbye Limerick, Ireland - Hello Manchester, UK

The short version of the story goes as follows:

- The boy applied for a very important and impressive science programme in the UK
- Said programme involved lots of hard apptitude tests and four (FOUR!) interviews
- He passed them all, but didn't get a place
- He did however get placed numero uno on the reserve list. (We thought "So close, yet so far!)
- We thought "Nobody will cancel, Canada looks pretty though, lets move there."
- We started to research Canada, save a bit of moo-lah and imagined living there.

And then....

-Boy gets phone call. Place offered. Place accepted. We're moving to Manchester!

Why is this awesome, fantastic and all round amazeballs?

- I'm excited for him, but also for the change Manchester will bring for both of us
- I've already researched a ga-zillion artistic projects happening over there and I just want to get stuck in,     like right now!
- I can now do all the creative and "was too scared to try" things I wanted to do with LuckyRainbowDesigns! Vlogging anyone?
- I've lived in lovely Limerick for 13 years and a change in scenery is very much needed even though I will miss my current work colleagues and Limerick friends.
- Did I mention I'm excited to become a 'proper, no holds back blogger/vlogger now?'

The plan...

Science boy (as I like to call him (I'm art girl by the way!)) has to be in the UK for the start of September and will be there in the next 6 weeks! I'm on the job hunt, and who knows how long that will take to materialize. I will join him once that very big box of employment is ticked. Science boy even suggested I make a real, proper go of LuckyRainbowDesigns on a full time level and put into plan all the wacky, crafty ideas I talk about at every hour of the day....but erm, that's kinda scary.(or is it??)

Right now, we're researching nice places to live, saving money and looking foward to the big move. I'm also looking at every single item I own (especially everything in the craft room) and wondering should I keep, sell or throw it away. Be prepared for a very big online sale of clothes, items for the home and crafty tools and materials.


  1. So exciting Rebecca!! I love Manchester! Its amazing! Especially at Christmas! Go to the Manchester Craft Centre, some amazingly talented people in there. Also the food! great restaurants!

    Also vlogging! Yay! Please start! I really want to aswell! But scared! Maybe we could do a little project together

    1. There's a craft centre!!!! (happy dance!)

      As for vlogging together / mini project - DEFO! Strength in numbers!

    2. Exactly!! :) We wont seem as mental then talking to ourselves:P

  2. Oh cool, sounds like a lovely change and really exciting! New city, new apartment/house- lots of fun! Wishing you all the best and looking forward to following your journey here on your blog..

    All things nice...

    1. Thanks so much! Soooo much planning to do!! :)


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