04 July, 2013

Beauty Must Haves - Lovely Lippy!

So, while also having an addiction to paper and all things notebook and stationary related, I'm also a bit of a beauty product / makeup nut.

I'm happiest when I'm strolling through Boots or Superdrug with a little basket, safe in the knowledge that there's money in my account to splurge on a few lovely products. I have some firm favourites that I return to on a regular basis, but recently I have been going the extra mile and trying out some new products, in particular lipstick!

I have a very typical, Irish pale complexion and struggle often, to source the perfect, don't look like an orange, ommpa-loopa foundation never mind a complimentary lipstick. However, instead of shying away from trying out colours, I just went out there, browsed the ga-zillions of lippy's on offer and said to myself "That's a nice colour, I'll give that a whirl!". Outside of my working uniform, I'm an avid supporter of colour in all its shapes and forms. I have loud, bright jeans (red are my fav, in case you're wondering), florescent accessories and I'm quite happy to stand out from the crowd, so it might seem a tad strange, even to myself ,that I shy-ed away from bright lippy for so long. Fear no more people, the lipstick addiction has kicked in and today I'll share my personal must haves for that perfect pout!

1 - First up is the 'Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick' in the colour Wild Orchid (Number 457). This was first 'out there' lippy I tried and I knew I was addicted to it when the other half put it through the washing machine and I frantically marched back into town to purchase it once more. I've been complimented on a number of occasions when I wear this product and it compliments eye shadow which is grey in tone. It has a Matt finish and is my go to lippy to brighten up my face. I wear it 3 - 4 times a week and is a staple in my make up bag! While I consider it to be a Matt product, it does have a lovely sparkly shine.

2 - Next up, are two MAC freebies. Yup, freebies (are you jealous?) - When I visited a dear friend in NYC in April, she presented me with some MAC lovelies. At the time she was working for them and was happy to share the perks of her job with me. The first one, with its gorgeous navy stripped packaging stands out from the get go. I wear it sparingly (probably because I consider MAC products to be expensive, (but worth it)), but I love the pop of Matt colour it provides. Its called Satin - Sail La Vie and I use it on date nights! Team up with some black eye liner and lashings of mascara and you're good to go.

3 - The second freebie is a MAC Marcel Wanders lipstick. I'm not sure if this product is available in Ireland / UK and to be honest when I got it first, I thought it wouldn't suit me, but I'm now officially in love with it. It's a perfect subtle lipstick to wear and looks great if you're also wearing strong eye makeup.

4 - My next one is a recent purchase from Rimmel. I was sold on the shiny, purple packaging first and foremost and I decided to venture away from red, rose and pink and more towards oranges and corals. Entitled Coral Queen, I wore this to work last week and got a "Whoooo, look at you, very glam" from some co-workers. It must have done it's job. Again, I normally team it with low key eye make up and let the lips do the talking.(metaphorically speaking of course!)

5 - Lastly, a new-ish product purchased in Superdrug. The label is 'B' and the colour Rose Quartz. Its a safe colour, perfect for those 'I only want to wear a little bit of make up' days. I'm not completely sold on this lipstick but in saying that I haven't cast it to the depths of my beauty cupboard just yet.

For those of you who are not of the lipstick loving type, but looking to venture into those waters, start small. Try a subtle shade and hey, if you don't like it, you can just wipe it off! It is only lipstick after all! I, however have started to feel a little naked if I'm not wearing it. The addiction continues.....

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  1. Oooh..love this! I've wanted to try red for a while but I'm not feeling brave enough, yet. Plus, I'd always heard you should pick a shade based on your skin tone and such, but the guy I talked to at MAC said that was crap - so I left confused with a very subtle shade. lol. :)


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