23 October, 2013

Apartment Wishlist

I love our two bed apartment, I do.....but what I'd love more would be the opportunity to decorate it. The chance to dig out some paints and brushes and give it a real makeover and remove the sickly green colour that currently occupies the walls of the kitchen and living area. I really envy renters in New York and other american cities where you have the opportunity to decorate your apartment if you so wish without worrying that the landlord might withhold your deposit.

While our apartment is adequately decorated, it lacks character and certainly has the potential to be something better and more welcoming than it already is. I want to create an apartment with a personality that differs from every other modern apartment you see out there. One with a quirky streak, taste, style and lots of odd bits and bobs carefully sourced.An apartment that says as much about me as it does about the boy (who by the way, prefers to live as if our apartment is a show house. Think nothing on display, everything hidden away!). An apartment that is photo ready and memorable to those that visit her. (Yea, my apartment is a she!)

For now, my decorating wishlist will just have to live vicariously through a Pinterest board. Until I get myself to the next vintage flea market or charity shop that is, and source an original bargain or two! For the moment, I'll concentrate on adding touches of colour, here, there and everywhere in order to add that personal, bright feeling I just adore.

My  new obsession? Cushions and textiles!. Watch as you see a theme unfold...geometric shapes people. I'm not sure where that inspiration is coming from, but recently I've become very inspired by clean lines and the simplicity of the beautiful shape a triangle or pentagon can make. When printed in multiples it makes me happy, along with these pretty images.


I freaking love these geometric wall paintings. Different from your usual shade of applying just one colour, this method turns your walls into actual, interesting pieces of art. Dear Landlord, please let me try this!

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