22 October, 2013

Positive Quotes

I have a history of being hard on myself. I don't always realise it until someone (usually the boy) points it out, but I'm always wishing to be better at something or other, whether it's work / career related, (actually it mostly is always work / career related) or life related in some way shape or form, I am consistently down on myself. 

I fail to sometimes see what I have or what I have achieved and instead, wish many an alternative. I could give you a plethora of examples, but this is a positive post. A positive post to remind you and myself to be nice. Be nice to myself, those around me and to those I encounter in my day to day workings, and hey, if you are having a miserable day, here are some my sure ways of being nice to myself.

- A glass of wine
- A bubble bath
- A cuppa tay and numerous chocolate biscuits
- Lots of hugs with the boy
- New Pjs, comfy socks, a hoodie and a heap of magazines

And if all else fails, alllll of the above, just do all of the above!


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