29 October, 2013

Autumn / Winter and Rain Proof Boots!

The wet climate of Manchester combined with old, leaky converse (albeit fake converse) does not make for a happy commute to work five days a week. Three out of five days last week were spent in work with wet shoes, wet socks and wet feet. For.the.whole.day. It wasn't pleasant and this situation can be no more.

What's needed is an intervention. An intervention in the form of super, waterproof, fashionable and cute boots. Boots that will see me through the Autumn and Winter. Boots that will keep those tootsies warm and dry and look after them for many a year to come. What's also needed is some realization from me. If I want all of the above, then I have to step away from Primark, get the wallet out and make a prime investment in a decent pair.

We all love that feeling of spotting a nice pair of flats / heels / boots in Primark for the rock bottom price of five quid. That feeling is multiplied when you see  your size is available and you think "It's my lucky day, I'mmaa gona buy allll the shoes!". However, fast forward 5 weeks, 6 days and 3 hours later and those so called bargain flats / heels / boots from Primark are pinching you to death and falling apart. Your five quid wasted and you, shoe-less, once more.

It's time to part with a bit more than five quid folks. It's time to be a sensible adult and buy sensible (but cute, dooon't forget the cute) shoes and to date, these have caught my eye.

From the top we have;

1 - ASOS Apostle Ankle Boots - £58
2 - River Island Riding Boots - £60
3 - ASOS Absence - £55
4 - Clarks Mojita Crush - £140
5 - ASOS Camden Boots - £85
6 - ASOS Cooper Boots - £85

I have to say, those ASOS Apostle Ankle boots are really catching my eye. They're really outside my usual style but I love the colour and design and £58 is a pretty good price. At push, I also wouldn't mind investing in those Clarks boots (number 4), pricy at £140 but you'd be guaranteed to get the wear from them.

What are you Autumn / Winter needs? Which boots take your fancy?

*Boots 1,2,3,5,6 all available via asos.co.uk*

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