04 November, 2013

Dudes, It's November Already and Four Goals

Er, sorry, can somebody call 2013 and tell him / her / it to come back?

I, along with every other person in the blogging world (and probably, on the planet!) am sat here wondering, where has 2013 gone? We're a few days into November and already I'm having one of those 'I don't feel like I really accomplished' much this year moments.

Ok, ok, I moved to the UK and took up a new job, but I have other personal goals that I wanted to work on. Given that there is a little less than two months left of dear, sweet 2013, I'm wondering what goals (big or small) I can accomplish?

And so, with that, I've selected four goals. Two big(ish) goals and two mini goals. A little something if you wish to focus on over the next 8 weeks.

// Big(ish) goal number 1
Ah yes, that old chestnut. The good news is that I've joined a 24 hour gym, located right around the corner from my apartment. It's big, bright and for the first time in a long time, I really like this particular gym. My fitness goal, to go three times a week every week from now until Christmas. I have three sessions scheduled in for this week and time for a fourth two if it takes my fancy.

//Big(ish) goal number 2
Blog posting
The goal - to write 40 compelling and interesting blog posts between now and December 31st. Since moving from Ireland and changing jobs, I do have more time to blog which I'm happy about. I find myself planning more posts, writing in advance and generally giving more thought and consideration to the type of posts I want to publish and that I hope others find interesting.

//Mini goal number 3
Now that I'm being a big girl, paying rent and bills, I gotta watch those pennies alot better. The first mini goal is to simply download a simple budget and er...budget! I took a salary cut to move to the UK and this combined with all the bills is a little bit scary. I'm used to having more money to spend on spontaneous shopping trips and restaurants that take my fancy. While some of this is still possible, it's not possible on quite the grand scale I've become accustom to. It's time to become a thrifty diva who knows her finances inside out and back to front!

//Mini goal number 4
Healthy eating
No chocolate, no junk food, no takeaways and no excuses. I'm giving this goal a target date of Christmas. We both know I wouldn't outlive this goal past Christmas when all those yummy selection boxes are on offer, but as the old saying goes, "You can't out work a bad diet". My healthy eating combined with the gym regime should see me feeling alot better.

Have you guys got any Winter goals coming up?


  1. For your budgeting goal, can I recommend Toshl for tracking your income and outgoings? There is a website and Android/ iOS apps as well.

  2. well missus its the 7th now how many times have you made it to the gym? ;) x


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