07 December, 2013

Christmas Wishlist!

Every year, we're all asked the dreaded question. "What do you want for Christmas?". Normally, I don't have a solid answer and in all honestly, I personally think I'm very, very easy to buy for. Really, I am! Give me crafty stuff, I'll be happy out making and creating for weeks into January. Gift me with funky eye make up and I'll be scaring you all with intense eye make up for most of 2014. Buy me stationary and I'll act like it's the first day of school and get into list-making mode. I'm that easy to buy for. (FYI, if you want to buy me any of the above, then a voucher for a craft shop, the new Naked palette and some Paperchase notebooks will do the trick, ta very much!)

Funnily enough, no one has asked me this particular question this year and this is the one year that I have a few potential Christmas gifts on my mind. This is probably more of a dream list as opposed to a wishlist as some of items are more on the pricey side, but hey a gal can dream right?

First up, I realllllly wouldn't mind a new DSLR camera that also shoots video. I've been harping on for a while now about vlogging and without the necessary equipment, it will be an unrealized goal. However, with the assistance of this Canon EOS 7D beauty, my vlogging ideas could become a reality and then and only then, can I become the YouTube supa-star I keep telling everyone I will become.

To back up my vlogging empire dream, I also require a little bit more in the equipment department. However, I genuinely do require one of these for my current camera (EOS 1000D) as I lost the thingy-ma-jiggy that attaches the camera to the tripod and vice versa. Introducing....a tripod! This doesn't cost the earth. It's under £30 and from Argos. If santa doesn't bring it, I'll be purchasing it for myself. Happy Christmas to me!

Another gadget-y gift I would just love, is a tablet. An i-pad would be all kinds of amazing but I believe the Samsung tablets are just as good. I'd probably spend most of the day playing Candy Crush, but who cares, I'd have a tablet!

Moving away from gadgets (I do love a good gadget!). Our apartment still looks on the bare side. Making it a home is a slow project and everytime I take a trip into Manchester city centre, I spot something I think will look just perfect in one of the four rooms in our apartment. Today it was an A3 sized framed poster for the movie 'One flew over the cuckoos nest'. I've made a mental note to purchase it next weekend. (Payday weekend!)

So, some items to make our home more cosy would be fabulous da'lings. Perhaps some lush Jo Malone candles, such as this one (£39). It'll make the apartment smell amazing and make it all cosy.

A beautiful, handmade throw which will not only keep me warm (I'm always cold), but will add a burst of zesty colour in an otherwise plain living room. I can picture myself, wrapped up in this throw supping a hot cup of tea and perhaps a few chocolate biscuits on the side.

Continuing with the 'I'm always cold' theme, a chunky infinity wool scarf to keep those breezes at bay. Best worn with matching gloves and a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows to go.

So folks, what's on your Christmas dream / wish list?

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  1. Love it all :) The Canon 60d is my dream camera though as it has a flip screen which if video blogging might come in handy:) You'll need it to be a YouTube supa star you will soon be! Also I am the exact same! So easy to buy for and yet people get it so wrong! Hope you get everything you dream of for christmas this year :) x


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