09 December, 2013

Manchester Festive Blogger Meet Up

On Saturday, I nervously made my way to the Sugar Junction, a quirky tea rooms located in the Northern Quarter in Manchester city centre. There I was so meet a number of lovely Manchester Bloggers as arranged via Twitter by Christine's of The Fabulous Times. I heard about the meet up, from the equally fabulous Claire Ann who sent Christine tweet my way. It was super sweet of her to think of me, and as someone who reads my blog, she was all too aware that I was on the look out for groups / projects / crafty things to get involved in. 

For those of you who haven't visited, the Sugar Junction is something straight out of the 40's. Tables are covered with beautiful table cloths and you feel like you're having a cup of tea and piece of sweet cake in your granny's house. The basement floor, where we were located is particularly quaint. With comfy arm chairs and warm lighting, it's the perfect place to curl up with a good book or meet a friend for a long, interrupted chat. I tried the cookies and cream milkshake and it was divine. My waist won't thank me for it, but my taste buds most certainly did.

My nerves soon disappeared, as one by one, lovely and (new to me) Manchester bloggers started to arrive. Within minutes we were in full chat about our blogging lives, the perks it has brought and the connections we have made. I felt at ease chatting with everyone and really enjoyed everyone's company. It was fascinating to hear about everyone's blogging routine, their day jobs outside of blogging and how they find inspiration. It also wasn't long before the cameras started to come out and the documenting began. I giggled a little when I saw this, I had predicted it would happen and I loved watching how comfortable people were with their digital cameras. I still feel a little awkward carrying my DSLR around, something I'll need to work on! Less of the iPhone, more of the DSLR.

I came away, having met a bunch of great people, some new connections and even better, more wonderful and inspiring blogs to read. I'm looking forward to the next meet up already. My blogroll has increased tenfold and I recommend checking out some of these gifted folk below.

G.M Norton, who was sporting the most spiffing of mustaches writes the unique blog Norton of Morton. Here you'll find tips about how to grow and maintain a rather dapper mustache, as well as film reviews and living an English gentleman existence. Its a blog I've never come across before and I've enjoyed sifting through past posts.

I was sat next to Jessica from Oh So Gawjass. A really lovely girl, I enjoyed my company with her as we chatted about a multitude of things and she made me green with envy telling me all about her PR blogging adventures, but also sharing some tips about how I might get a few of my own. Her beauty blog has a cult following and covers a variety of beauty hints, tips, and reviews.

Adele who writes 'My last Dollar Dress' is a quintessential vintage gal. She wore the most festive of jumpers and awesome cat eye glasses to match. I was little jealous of them and I loved her overall style.

The stylish Susan (with the funky woolly reindeer hat) from Susan styles you was also lovely company. She is a personal stylist and I wouldn't mind hiring her services one day. I'm in need of a makeover, but hey, that's a whole other blog post!

I was also sat next Clare from I Like Tweet - we chatted about her job and the difficulty of finding arts jobs. She directed me towards a site to assist with my arts jobs search, which was awesome. (Thanks Clare!) I love the clean cut layout and design of her blog. Sometimes, blogs are just too cluttered but Clare gets it just right.

I also met Charlie from Gin Fulled Blue Stocking. With amazing, striking red hair, Charlie and I discovered we both work in the University of Manchester. She's also training for a marathon! (I'm totally in awe of those who chose to train for marathons!) Charlie writes about her marathon running and plenty of yummy food reviews. I've earmarked a number of restaurants to try after back reading though her blog. Excited to check them out in 2014.

Finally, we have Helen of Mancunian Vintage. Helen has such a lovely, warm personality and was very easy to chat to and get along with. Helen spends alot of time sourcing vintage treasures from here, there and everywhere as well as writing about and making crafts. She's a pretty talented lady.

A big thank you to Christine from The Fabulous Times for organising the event. It really was nice to meet so many like minded people who were warm and welcoming. It ain't always easy settling into a new city, but with people like that around, it certainly makes it easier. I also highly recommend you check out Christine's blog. Well written, full of fantastic travel write ups and bursting with positivity,you'l find yourself returning day after day for more inspiration and good reads.

Also, a thank you to the perfect service from the Sugar Junction. I can't wait to return with friends and visiting family!


  1. Replies
    1. It is! My images don't do it justice at all - but its a fab place

  2. Oh wow Rebecca!! Looked like so much fun! Glad you got to meet some cool new people! Hope it inspires you to keep up the lovely blog of yours :) Also thank you for my little mention, youre a sweetheart:) xx

    1. No worries at all, wouldn't have heard about the meet up if it wasn't for you! - Nxt time you're manchester bound, I'll have to show you the Sugar Junction! x

  3. Was such a pleasure to meet you too! we'll have to get together for a bit of vintage action, maybe a market or cuppa sometime soon? xx

    1. Vintage action sounds perfect and my cuppa tea! :)x

  4. It sounds like you had a wonderful day together. it makes me happy to know that blogger meet ups and events are happening more in the north! x

    1. Yes! So great to see blogger events happening! There really is a fantastic blogging community over in Manchester!


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