11 December, 2013

'100 things to do in 2014' courtesy of The Fabulous Times

'100 things to do in 2014' is quite a list. I mean, 100 things, really Rebecca, really? Yes really and why not? After the Manchester Blogger meet up that the lovely Christine from The Fabulous Times organised, I sat at home and began to read through everyone's blogs. I was inspired by so many, many great posts. Some of which I'll refer to in future posts, but one of the most interesting reads, and especially after Christine shared her story at the meet up, was how she literally turned her life around in the space of a year. She found herself unhappy in her busy job in London, having to leave her apartment and more and all in the space of week.

If you read through her posts from 2012 to present day, you will see the amazing personal adventure she undertook. From travelling across America with her sister to running a marathon, she changed her circumstances, changed her attitude and ultimately changed her life for the better. I was engrossed in her story and loved how she shared the 'hows' and 'whys' behind her decision making on her blog. Her positive attitude towards growing old, wellbeing and living a positive life shines through every post and I left her blog wanting more and looking forward to the next great post. I just love it when I find a blog that matches 'me'.

Way back in 2012, she created a post called '100 things to do in 2012'. Initially, I thought 'Woah, that's ambitious', but when I found her post at the end of 2012 outlining how well she did, I thought about how awesome she was for meeting many of those intentions. Some of her things were to 'be more creative', 'eat healthily' or simply put, 'love' - and such a list motivated me to make my own while also causing me to stop and think about own positive attitude of late and the attitude I should (and will) be adopting for 2014.

So, 100 things to do in 2014. I've broken it down into some sub categories as there are a couple areas of my life that need...ahem...tackling! Here it goes.

Education or as I like to call it - Fun stuff I want to learn
1.Take Spanish classes -  I know where these classes are taught. All I need to do it sign up and pay my fee.
2.Take a DSLR photography class
3.Take a craft class at the Ministry of Craft - crochet anyone?

Blog / Lucky Rainbow
4.Invest in getting an awesome designer to update my blog design - this is badly needed
5.Get better at blog post scheduling
6.Find some new blogs to follow and get commenting
7.Rename & Re-brand - There's a slight name change on the way
8.Meet more inspiring bloggers
9.Reach out and connect
10.Create some tutorials for the blog
11.Update and continue to improve the Facebook page

Fitness / Health & Wellbeing
12.Clean eating - begin some research and adopt
13.Try meditation
14.Find a weekly gym class that I'll enjoy
15.Start running again
16.Enter a 5k
17.Get out of my comfort zone and try something I'd never usually try
18.Find a great massage therapist
19.Listen to more music
20.Be more thankful
21.Express gratitude often
22.Make some D.I.Y beauty treatments
23.Try herbal teas
24.Worry less about those fine lines
25.Try a detox
26.Make a green smoothie, you know, of the vegetable kind

27.Cook more healthy meals
28.Learn the art of preparing amazing packed lunches the night before work
29.Get a cute lunch box
30.Make chutney, pasta and bread from scratch

31.Make a more conscious effort to craft
32.Visit galleries in Manchester
33.Watch some arty films
34.Stay up to date with local artists and exhibitions
35.Draw more, even if you think you're bad at it
36.Reopen my Etsy shop
37.Open a Folksy shop

38.Send teaching qualifications to relevant UK offices for approval (Been on the long finger for an age)
39.Visit a life coach - figure out what area you really want to work in
40.Get some volunteer work in an area you'd one day like to work in
41.Be somewhere towards sorting it by the end of 2014

For fun-sies
42.Visit a psychic
43.Go to a music festival
44.Write more letters and send more cards
45.Set up an Irish blogger meet up (Claire Ann & Aoife Blake, I'm looking at you!)
46.Volunteer in a charity shop
47.Commit some random acts of kindness
48.Get a pen pal

49.Visit Scotland
50.Take a holiday with the boy - somewhere hot
51.Take a solo trip
52.Sit down and plan a once in a lifetime trip
53.Have a spa day away

54.Save money for a video camera so I can vlog (with Claire Ann if you're reading)
55.Maybe a tablet or iPad too?
56.Save, save, save

Personal Development
57.Take UK driving theory test
58.Learn to drive (This has been on countless lists since 2006)
59.Be more organised in as many aspects of my life as possible
60.Read more books
61.Watch less TV
63.Be happy

64.Keep a journal
65.Write a five year plan
66.Wear something you wouldn't normally wear - step outside the comfort zone
67.Try a new hair colour
68.Give up alcohol for a month (not that I drink alot anyways!)
69.Learn some HTML
70.Buy a vintage dress
71.Lists, lists and more lists - keep writing lists
72.Organise all my clothes and stream line back
73.Learn some songs
74.Budget, budget, budget
75.Go to the dentist
76.Do a course that pushes you - not a fun course, but something you can learn lots from
77.Say yes more
78.Lear about another religion
79.Walk, walk, walk
80.Discover new areas of Manchester
81.Climb a mountain
82.Have an internet free weekend
83.More painting of nails and less chipped nails
84.Be less critical
85.Get my ears pierced
86.More meal planning, less takeaways
87.Try red wine
88.Be part of at least one craft fair in 2014
93.Listen to an audio book
94.Conquer my sewing machine
95.Make gifts for friends
96.Just be
97.More positive thinking and less worrying
98.Trust that it will all work out
99.Take some risks
100.Make more time for all of the above

Phew! A long list, I know. I'm not sure if I'm now daunted, scared or excited. Perhaps a mixture of it all. For some reason, I've very excited by the prospect of 2014. I want it to be a defining year, a year of big changes, exciting adventures and new friends.

Share some of your 2014 plans below, I'd love to hear


  1. Oh wow, I'm almost exhausted reading your list, there is a lot of stuff there! Not sure if I could do 100 but the sub categories are good :) I will have to go think for a while and come back with my list perhaps nearer the New Year. Hope all is going well in Manchester

    All things nice...

    1. Oh trust me, I was exhausted writing it! I love a good challenge! Manchester is going well and I hope life is treating you well as always! x

  2. Love how motivated you are lately Becca! Its exciting to see! And I feel it rubbing off on me! Also love I got 2 mentions in this post! I feel super special :) xx

    1. Yes, feeling super motivated these days! It helps when you have a new location and lots of new inspiration! AND, of course you get a mention or two, if it wasn't for your tweet I wouldn't have known about the get together and thus find all these great blogs! Super grateful x

  3. oooh this is a great idea. 100 sounds so daunting, but I think I might try it too. It'll be a good post for New Years Eve/Day. Good luck with them all, and looking forward to coming back and reading how you've done!

    Roxilicious82 @ Simply Roxilicious!

    1. If you do make a list - please share! Would love to see if anyone else has decided to take part also! I'm always this ambitious this time of year - new year, new plans - lets hope I can keep up with it all!


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