13 December, 2013

Getting so know you; Manchester local bloggers #1

A short while ago, I threw a tweet out in the world. I asked if any local bloggers would be interested in appearing in a feature post on my blog. A little get to know if you will. Alot of lovely bloggers responded and I reached out to them again via email with some questions in the hope they would dish the dirt on their blogging process. Don't ya just love Twitter for connecting you to a world of awesomeness?

First up, let me introduce to you Jane from the lovely blog Hodge Podge Days. A personal blog, with the tag line 'Reviews, Rants and Occasional Decadence'. Only occasional Jane? We'll have to change that!

I really enjoy Jane's style of writing. After reading post, after post, I felt like a began to know her alot better. Her posts are frank, honest with some personality thrown in for good measure. Before, we dig in, here are some posts from Hodge Podge Days which I've enjoyed reading of late.

A Bloggers Spa Day / I am ridiculously jealous! // A breathtakingly honest post, it brought a tear to my eye // On Role Models - a sweet post // Finally, give her a job!

Tell us a little about yourself?
Hello, I'm Jane. I'm a wife and a mum of one. I love spending time with my son, watching him grow and develop and going on little adventures with him. I've been married for approximately 300 years, we still love the bones of each other and we know we're lucky to have actually met and married our soul-mate.

As for me, inside I am a big daft kid with an active social life, a fondness for a 90's disco and a bottle of prosecco.

Tell the world some information on your blog, its purpose and how you came to the world of blogging?
I started my blog in June 2013. I'd had a tough year health-wise and been quite lonely in my thoughts. I started blogging for myself, to get things out of my head. My writing was well received, people like the often stark honesty of it and although I still write a great deal about myself, I've now started writing reviews and other standard blogger fodder. I love it, I love writing and I love the blogging community. I hope I'm here to stay. 

I've always enjoyed writing but never found an outlet for it which suited me. I'm probably late to the blogging party, but I still blog for myself and hope I always will do. Part of it forms a diary of our lives we can look back on as family. Part of it yes, is the business of blogging. I hold my hands up to that. But I don't write about what doesn't fit with me and my blog and I'm always honest and truthful even if someone has sent me something dodgy to review or I've gone out for a meal I didn't like.

The joys of blogging, perhaps you'd like to share some tips?
What I really didn't expect was to make friends. Despite being a sociable person I'm not actually any good at putting myself out there and making friends. Since I've been blogging I've made tonnes of new friends, people who I would've never met otherwise. Pretty much everyone has been massively supportive and helpful, offering me advice and encouragement or just making me laugh when I needed a giggle.

It's a real community and it's worth getting involved in and networking with your fellow bloggers. They'll be your biggest supporters. Get on Twitter, learn how it works, chat to people. Say hello, tweet and retweet. If you want to grow your blog then write well, write often, join linkys, share on the social networks, chat to people online, share what you enjoy and the favour will be returned. It's not rocket science, but if you're nice and not bitchy then you'll get along just fine.

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