02 January, 2014

Blogging Kit 101

As mentioned yesterday in my New Years Day post, you may have noticed in recent weeks, I've upped my blogging game. I've purchased a new template, updated the name to The Lucky Rainbow from Lucky Rainbow Designs, interacted with more bloggers and met some too! I've worked at creating better content as well as providing bright, shiny and original images too. All of this needs planning and as a self confessed stationary nut, (I have the pinterest boards to prove it!) I am loyal and possibly a slave to my notebooks which help me plan all the fun blogging posts I want to post and share with you.

As I balance a full time job with blogging and all the other fun stuff I try to get done in life, I find that I have to jot down (alot) ideas that I get for blog posts as and when the moment strikes. There are times when I have no ideas and days when I have a trillion. For the days when inspiration is flowing, I turn to my blogging kit and notebook / stationary collection in order to capture these little outbursts and as I am trying to bring my A-game to the blogging world, I've upped my blogging kit too. (Hey, any chance to visit Paperchase right?)

I don't necessarily carry this entire kit with me, but you can be guaranteed that on any given day, I'll have a notebook or my diary with me and for those of you blogging or interested in blogging, this is hopefully of interest to you and perhaps a few of my organisational ideas might inspire you.

First up, I start every year with a new diary. I have found it difficult to find the kind of diary to fulfill my blogging needs and while browsing through the range on offer from Paperchase and WH Smith, there isn't anything that screams 'blogging diary'. I don't quite think it exists. I found wellbeing diaries, gardening diaries and even ones for cooking and collecting receipes, but for blogging...nada! Perhaps there's any opportunity for me to create / design one. Paperchase if you're reading....lets collaborate.

This year, I purchased a 2014 A5 diary from Paperchase at a cost of £10. It's covered in a pretty bird pattern fabric and  is really good quality. It's also small enough to throw into any sized bag and take it on the go with me. It has two days to a page and when you open it up, you can see four days at a glance. This is important to me, as it literally helps me plan ahead. There are also a few sections called 'notes' which I plan on using for mini brainstorming or idea capturing sessions.

Recently I've also taken to using my iPhone and my very new (thanks to the boy) iPad mini for capturing images, keeping up with blog posting, blog reading and social media, as well as using a free app called Planner Plus for jotting down appointments. It reminds me about tasks and lists I've created when I fail to look at my diary. Plus, I feel super organised using it!

I also use a range of cute washi tapes. I've collected loads over the years and use it to section off pages in my diary or to simply make something more important or stand out more. I store it all, along with some bright highlighters in my rainbow pencil case. On my visit to Paperchase, I bought these quaint post it stickers on sale for £3.50. A mini bargain I was happy to snap up.

All this combined with a sprinkle of will and determination will aid in The Lucky Rainbow blogging space becoming more creative, more relevant and of course fun too! I'd love for you to share some images of your blogging kit or if you feel motivated to create your own, do let me know. Also, if anyone is interested in creating a blogging kit stationary exchange, that could be fun too? International participants most welcome.

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  1. I like it, a perfect way of combining off line with online. I did get a diary for 2014, I've yet to use it,but reading this has inspired me. :-)

    Awesome blog!


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