05 January, 2014

Getting to know you: Manchester local bloggers #2

Getting to know you is a series where by you have the opportunity to discover some great bloggers. With my move to Manchester, I reached out via the world wide web to ask if any local Manchester bloggers would be interested in sharing a little about themselves, and hey presto, I found a few lovely volunteers. The second participant is Rachael who blogs over at we3three. Rachael prefers to remain as anonymous as possible online (which I totally understand and respect) and as such, there is limited imagery to this post.

Below she shares her reasons behind starting a blog and also shares some top tips and advice! Having read through numerous posts on her blog, I particularly love these posts.

- A guide to making some delish chutney
- Silent Sunday posts containing some beautiful imagery
- Some amazing crafty projects suitable for children, such as this one!

Hi, I'm Rachael, just turned 30 and mum to my little boy who is 3. I've been married for 5 years (together for 12) to my first ever love. I work part time but I see my real 'job' as being the best mummy I can be.

I started blogging as I've always liked documenting things, even more so now I'm a mummy. I like the idea that my blog is like a diary that I can look back on in years to come. I blog about the everyday things me and our boy do, especially our crafty projects. I also like to use my blog to raise awareness of good local causes such as the food banks and lil' bundles. I've been blogging since June 2013 and I love it. I find it really therapeutic to write and I really like that I'm creating a little place of memories.

My blog came about after a while of thinking I'd like to start one but worrying I'd have nothing to write about. Several people said they'd love to read my blog so I bit the bullet! I do often wonder if my blog is boring but I'm ultimately writing for me so I'm not overly concerned if it is!

I think bloggers should blog about things that interest them and / or have a relevance to them. I see lots of blog posts that appear to be just jumping on the 'popular theme of the day' bandwagon which I find a little bit staged if I'm honest and not for me. If a topic really strikes you, fair enough, but don't just write about something randon just because it's topical. I like posts with lots of pictures and limited text so I write like that too. I don't want to read massive chunks of text so I never write lots and lots of text either. Never write something you wouldn't read. Stay true to yourself and don't become a persona for the sake of becoming a 'renowned blogger' or for a popular post. Also, keep it classy with regards to paid opportunities :)

Some Lovely Links

Thanks for sharing Rachael, and if you fancy contributing as a local Manchester (or even UK!) blogger, don't hesitate to contact me and leave a comment below.

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