17 January, 2014

Jammy and Jelly Illustrations

A lovely thing happened via Twitter recently. While having a conversation with some lovely Manchester twitter folk about New year resolutions, it was suggested that we ask the talented illustrator Emily from Jammy and Jelly if she would illustrate our resolutions. To give you some context, she had recently put a tweet out asking people to send her their resolutions and in return she would share an illustration of same. A lovely idea, don't you think? I follow a number of illustrators via Bloglovin and I'm always amazed by their talent to produce beautiful and often quirky imagery. I tried my hand at illustration before, but I'm pretty hopeless at it. I guess it takes years of practice to find your particular 'style' of illustration.

I wasn't sure if Jammy and Jelly  had seen the tweet or if she had accepted our resolutions offer so I was excited (and may have squealed a little) when it appeared via her facebook page. As evident by my recent blog posts, you're well aware that my resolutions are centered around health, fitness and career and the beautiful illustration produced by Emily mirrors this perfectly. I laughed out loud looking at myself wearing a headband. Maybe I'll buy one and show it off at my next gym session, however I reckon I'm not quite 'down with the kids' to get away with it. As for the brief case full of 'very important work things' - that resolution is very much ongoing! However, the lovely thing about having this personal illustration is that it really is me and I'm hoping to print it out, frame it and use it as a useful reminder! Thanks to Emily for taking the time to illustrate so many inspiring resolutions and if you fancy seeing some more, you can find her here.

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