03 February, 2014

Positive Quotes

Happy February everyone!

I'm glad to see the back of January and when I say that I feel guilt for wishing my life away. However, I've never made it a secret that I always found January to be a difficult, emotionally draining month. It's cold, you're broke and the dark mornings continue from November and December. Shudder....those dark mornings get  me. Every.single.time.

However, great news! This morning, I jumped out of bed at my usual time of 7:30am and it was bright outside. Gone were the dull, dreary mornings and in its place, light. Beautiful light streaming through my window, into my bedroom and at once, all seemed right with the world. Outside there was a lovely yellow / red sky. I could hear birds singing and there wasn't an ounce of rain. Spring was arriving and I thought 'Today is a great day, Monday blues be gone!'.

I got myself together, made my favourite breakfast of porridge with cinnamon and enjoyed it while taking in the new day. I never underestimate the power of light and a bright, happy morning. It feels like fuel for my body and with it, I know I can take on the day, do my best and do it all with a smile on my face.

To celebrate the arrival of these pretty mornings, I'm here to remind you that 'Today is going to be Amazing" - and not only today, but every day. Remind yourself of the great things, the happy things, the truly amazing things and go tackle your day.


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