13 February, 2014

Valentines at Selfridges

It's Valentines eve folks and this year, I'm celebrating my 8th valentines with my other half! (8th!!). The years have flown by and each year it also gets a little harder to purchase something that will surprise him. Something that shows he's appreciated and loved, very much. We've pretty much decided that we will have a low key evening and the fact that I'm trying to get rid of a nasty cold right now means my evening will probably involve a hot water bottle, a blanket and a hot bowl of chicken soup.Romantic or what?

However, in a bid to find a unique gift,  I have come across these sweet images from the 'Peanuts' collection which you can purchase and have personalised in Selfridges. I'm all about personalised gifts and this is a world exclusive for Selfridges! You can pop on down to their Peanuts Art Print Pop Up which is run by the Fine Art Print publisher 'Art You Grew Up With', select your size and 'ta da', a lovely Valentines gift and a new piece of art for your home. A unique gift, I think you'll agree and something different from the usual bouquet of roses and boxes of chocolates.You can even purchase them for your friends!

There are a number of sizes to chose from; classic framed (£29.99), unframed (£14.99), large framed (£59.99),unframed (£34.99), extra large framed (£149.99), unframed (£74.99). If you still haven't found that special something for the love in your life, these pretty prints are available at Selfridges Trafford on the upper level, so hop to it folks and snap them up while you can.

I think it's high time I hopped on the bus and discovered what the Trafford centre was all about! Who's with me?

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