17 February, 2014

Review: Paul Mitchell Scented Candle

I am a lover of candles. Full stop.

At the end of a working day, I love coming home and lighting a few candles around the house, cooking and unwinding. I love them even more when I'm surrounded by lots of them while soaking in a hot bubble bath. So, imagine my delight, when I was asked to review one. In the post I received the Paul Mitchell Scented Candle in the scent Lemon Sage. The Paul Mitchell brand is typically associated with hair products and they also create cruelty free products by not conducting or endorsing animal testing so a good ,ethical brand you'll be pleased to hear.

Contained within pretty packaging, the candle is secure in a glass jar and when I lifted off the lid, I could smell the lovely fresh scent of Lemon Sage immediately. I have candles placed in various areas of my apartment but I thought this one might be well placed in the kitchen, perhaps lit after an evenings cooking to balance all those nasty kitchen smells. Shortly after lighting it, its scent started to fill the room. I found it very relaxing and I just love when a candle fills a room or house with a beautiful smell. I find it comforting and homely and this candle didn't disappoint.

It also has a long burning time and also I brought it with me to the bathroom on an evening when I fancied a bath. The winds were whirling and whistling around outside, but I was relaxed and happy in my bath taking in the Lemon Sage smell. It's always the little things that makes me happy. I felt energized afterwards and I'm sure the deep smells of the candle contributed to this. 

Having had it lit for about 10 hours, there's plenty of burning time left over to enjoy. My only issue now is where to get my next one. Having tried out this great candle, I'm now intrigued to purchase some of their hair products. Goodness knows I need to find some sort of magical hair mask for dry ends! Think straw like feeling. Further info on Paul Mitchell products can be found here.

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