24 March, 2014

Lucky Rainbow Designs

Way back in 2009, I originally started this little blog as a space to document and share lots of crafty things that I was creating under the umbrella name of Lucky Rainbow Designs. Accompanying the blog was a Facebook page, an Etsy shop and a big and full craft room in my little bungalow in Ireland.

I did well and made lots and lots of bespoke cards, created a range of wedding invites and was approached on several occasions to create custom orders. I was also involved in two pop up shops in Limerick and loved creating and selling my mini works. 

Over the years, the blog evolved and I found that I was interested in writing on a range of topics and enjoyed reaching out to other bloggers and reading their brilliant blogs too. I became interested in sharing more of what I did in my daily life and found that those reading the blog did too and slowly, the blogging gates opened a little wider. 

With my move to the UK, the craft room was packed up and I had to make the decision of what to chuck, what to donate and what to keep. I had invested alot of money into my craft space and I had every gadget, punch and piece of paper you could think of, so I was little heart broken packing everything into boxes. However, I found a little solace donating items to my friend Ruth of Nice Day Designs. I knew she'd give them a good home.

With that, I shipped over items to our new Manchester home and at present, many of those supplies are still stored in those boxes waiting to see the light of day and begging to be created into something new. I don't have a big empty craft space to decorate this time round, however I'm not letting it stop me from creating a mini, more organised space in our box room. The only irritating aspect to this is that I have to pack everything up when we have visitors stay.

With this, I'm bringing back the feature of sharing my crafty pieces on the blog, however my Facebook page Lucky Rainbow Designs will be space the where the majority of images will be stored and of course, my Etsy shop will reopen once I've enough lovely stock. The great thing about being in Manchester is that I have more time to concentrate on this area of my life and so I can create and experiment with all those wacky ideas I once dreamed about and jotted down. I'm hoping Lucky Rainbow Designs can evolve under the banner of 'The Lucky Rainbow' and that you will enjoy these future posts. For further information and links, check out the following links and I hope to see you along the new Lucky Rainbow Design journey.

Lucky Rainbow Designs Facebook page


  1. Love the cards, they're so pretty! Can't wait to see more.
    Love Lucinda @ thefashionfictionary.com xx

  2. I love handmade things. It's something special about them. I am crafty as well, but not too much, only when I find the time for it.

    I'll stay posted to what you share, to get more ideas :)



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