12 March, 2014

The Grateful List #3

The third post in this series, The Grateful List allows me to stop a while and appreciate the little things. This week, I'm mostly grateful for....

- Sunny days; We've have a few sun filled days here in Manchester and suddenly everyone is in a much better mood. I've even had to dig out my sunglasses just to enjoy those precious rays of sunshine! They are very much welcome and the Vitamin D levels are topping up nicely.

- Visits from friends; This week two friends paid a visit from Ireland. Lovely to catch up, show them some sights, enjoy nice food and even nicer cocktails.

- Local sounds; We live near a small river where geese have made it their home. Every morning around 07:30am I hear them flying over our apartment and past our kitchen window. I've developed a real fondness for them and reminds me of the times when a family of swallows would return every year to a nest in my back garden in my previous home in Ireland.

- Our balcony; Our apartment comes complete with a balcony and naturally its a lovely place to eat breakfast or enjoy a glass of wine when the sun is in full force.

- Running; I'm nearly two weeks into my 10k training and I haven't missed one session. I've really enjoyed running outdoors, increasing my running time and listening to some awesome music while I pump the pavement.


  1. Ohhh I do love my sunny days! A little bit of sunshine never fails to uplift!

    Fashionicide // Fashion, with a difference

  2. So jealous, those cocktails look delicious!
    Love Lucinda @ thefashionfictionary.com


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