23 May, 2014

Moose Coffee - Manchester Eats #3

In the early days, the boy and I took a lot of strolls around Manchester in order to get our bearings and figure out the geography of the city. It literally takes him one trip and he has the city mapped into his head. As for me, I have to scoop out streets and remember the layout by favourite shops, quirky spaces and tasty cafes.

On one such day, I pointed out Moose Coffee and said "That place looks interesting!". At the time, we couldn't pay the place a visit, but a few short weeks later we returned and it has become our favourite breakfast weekend treat. You have to get there early on the weekend, otherwise the queues are out the door. I will admit though, the food is worth queuing for. Situated amongst tall buildings, Moose Coffee prides itself in being an 'authentic American Canadian' coffee house. When standing or sitting outside, I always feel like I have been briefly transported to New York City, one of my favourite spots on the planet.

Last weekend, my mum came over for the visit and I took her there for Friday breakfast. A tradition is starting to form, we seem to bringing all our visitors there for brekkie. (Family, friends from home and the boys brother.) The weather was warm so we took full advantage of sitting outside. A rare treat in Manchester these days. Their staff were quick to greet us and give us menus. I have to say, every single time I visit Moose, their service is impeccable. Service is quick, staff are friendly and the supervisor there is highly efficient. 


Moose have a long and extensive menu full to brim of mouth watering breakfast, brunch and lunch choices. Now that I'm a regular, I know what I enjoy and I know what I like, but in a strange move. I opted for something a little different. On this occasion I chose the New York Moose. Mum and I had a day of shopping planned so my thinking was to fill the tummy. The New York Moose is advertised as the classic Eggs Benedict. Served with free range eggs on a toasted bagel with delicious grilled parma ham. To compliment my breakfast, I choose a mocha with cream. I am head over heels in love with the coffee in Moose, particularly the mochas. The cream is the sweetest I have ever tasted and I find it difficult not to order it. Dieters beware, I'm pretty sure it's not calorie friendly!

Mum opted for the stack of pancakes with apple and caramel syrup. I warned her in advance that eating pancakes here is a task in itself. The portions are generous (a good thing of course) and the pancakes are thick but taste delicious. Certainly too much food for me, but it didn't stop me trying to grab a quick taste of them. The stack arrived, piled high and with sweet apples placed on top and lashings of syrup. They tasted amazing and I was quite impressed that mum was able to devour it all.

My eggs arrived and I could not wait to get stuck in. If there is one thing Moose do well, its eggs. I'm the kinda gal that believes eggs are the perfect food. So versatile and quick to whip up when hungry. I cannot imagine my weekend breakfasts without a boiled, scrambled or fried egg. My portion were large as always with plenty of sauce and flavour. The grilled parma ham was a welcome addition and complemented the eggs and bagel perfectly. I think this is my new Moose breakfast of choice. As we sat eating, we took in the scenery of fancy buildings, people watched and overheard some business conversations. I'm a bit nosey like that!

We left with full tummies and a happy face and continued our journey onto the Northern Quarter for a smooch in some of the vintage shops.

If you find yourself in Manchester, Moose Coffee can be found on York Street. A short stroll from Picadilly Gardens.


  1. My OH and I went there for an after work coffee after discovering it during one of our weeknight wanders round Manchester. It really is lovely inside, I had the most awesome mocha with whipped cream obviously!!
    We looked at the menu, but already had food plans that evening, I think I'd definitely like to go back for breakfast though :) Your pics are very enticing!

  2. Oh my gosh those pancakes and your eggs, look amazing! We are visiting this place soon!

  3. Oh my gosh those pancakes and your eggs, look amazing! We are visiting this place soon!

  4. Oooh I am so going there the next time I am in Manchester!


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