08 May, 2014

Positive Quotes

Considering it's May 8th, Manchester has been hit with a lot of rain this week. It all came to a head for me when on Tuesday evening, I walked outside, focused on my journey home and literally, two seconds later the heavens open. It lashed rain for my entire 30 minute walk home and right up to the point where I had to key in the code to the main gate of my apartment building. To give you some context, there had been blue skies all morning. It had been a clear, bright day and sun had been streaming into my office space. It was just typical that at 5pm, the rain decided to make an unwelcome appearance. Murphy's law if you will.

However, when I did get home and remove my wet, sticky clothing and towel dry my ratty looking hair. I threw on some pyjamas and looked out the window. A portion of sun had returned and so with it a glorious rainbow. With that, my mood lightened. I don't know what it is about rainbows, but in them, I find happiness and a smile. I understand the science behind them, but they still appear to have magical properties of sorts!


  1. There's nothing better than warm, cosy PJs after getting caught in a rain shower and a rainbow just makes it all that better. Just need some tomato soup and it'd be perfect!!!

    MissPond x

  2. Love this image! Definitely been rainbow weather in Mcr lately. We had a massive one right over the house, like it was CGI a week ago. Makes being cold, wet and miserable in summer clothes almost worth it, ha!

  3. Haha! Typical that it stops just when you get inside and dry! Rainbows are so beautiful, they always make me happy.


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