01 July, 2014

Festival Blogger Challenge with BooHoo.com

Glastonbury has just ended and hoards of festival goers are making their way from Somerset after what was, no doubt, an epic weekend for them. Unsuccessful in my attempts to secure a ticket this year, I decided I would live vicariously through boohoo when they offered me the opportunity to take part in a fun Festival Blogger Challenge.

Scouring through their lovely website, I've selected a few favourite pieces, that might, just might honor me with the title of looking festival chic! Knowing that there are still a whole heap of festivals going on around the UK this summer, I'm tempted to whip out the credit card and purchase a ticket or two. With that in mind, I think my perfect festival experience might look like something below;

I would share a tent with: Paloma Faith - I just love her, plus she went to Art School too, that makes us best friends, right?

My headliners would be: Daft Punk, Muse, Coldplay, Chemical Brothers and of course, my girl Paloma. (A bit of a mixed bag, I know!)

Oodles and and oodles of ham sandwiches would be free for all attending. 'Cas nothing like a good ham sambo gets the energy levels up and running again.

The item I would not go without would be: a torch for practical reasons and a big rainbow flag for 'making my tent look cute' reasons.

Wellies or Wedges?: Wellies without a doubt, this is the British summer we're talking about.

Beach or Field?: A field, no one likes sand in all of their cute festival clothes!

The theme would be: Music Mayhem with a sprinkle of sporadic rainbows (inbetween those rain showers) for good measure.

Celeb spot of the weekend would be: Chris Martin and Gwennie getting back to together for some conscious re-coupling

This is what I would wear: Eek, choosing what to wear is so difficult when boohoo.com have an array of fantastic and affordable clothing to chose from. At the moment, I'm lusting after a kimono. Granted there has been rain this summer, there's also been some sunshine too, so a festival somewhere is going to get graced with sunny weather at some stage, surely!!. 

A pretty kimono is perfect and airy for those days. The difficulty is that boohoo offer so many fabulous types of kimonos that I've managed to narrow it down to theses pretty three. Roll on payday, I really want these! They're also a bargain and kind to the purse.

To wear underneath, I selected a coral top with a pretty lace embellishment along the bottom and seeing as I'm not a shorts gal, I won't jump to the 'go to festival uniform' of jean shorts and instead, selected some rather cool, dark skinny jeans. Easy to wear, easy to keep clean and you'll easily get a few days wear out of them at a festival! (How practical am I!!)

Finally, I've topped off my outfit with a lovely bulky watch (gotta make sure you see you're favourite bands on time!) and of course a pair of shiny wellies. Bright and colourful, I really love the bottle green colour of these and they're currently a steal at £8. Not to forget, a fringed hold it all to carry your essentials, think baby wipes and the likes! Now, to drop all these items into my shopping basket.

With thanks to boohoo.com for inviting me to taking part Festival Blogger Challenge


  1. I would love to see Coldplay live. I think they would put on a really good show.

    1. I can confirm they're awesome! Have been lucky to have seen them twice!

  2. Ham sandwiches would absolutely make my festival experience, no doubt about it. Maybe only second to your stellar curated line up, anyway! xx Rebecca - UK fashion blog

    1. Ohhh thank you, I don't consider myself someone who it in the know with music / bands -s so I'm totally bagging that stellar compliment! :)


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