03 February, 2010

LuckyRainbowDesigns on ETSY!

I finally made the step towards ETSY - that wonderful website full of all things handmade and vintage!!! Seriously if I had a credit card packed with dosh, I'd spend my days shopping on it and then wait with excitment until the postman arrived with my goodies!!! sooooo now you can find me at www.luckyrainbowdesigns.etsy.com (yeaaaa!)I'm hoping it will be the creative outlet that will not only show everyone out there what I can do, but also to sell a few things too!!

Wish me luck! :)x


  1. Well done! You gotta put a tab now for your shop on your blog page so everyone can go to visit your shop :)

    All things nice...

  2. ohhh didn't know that was possible!!! will have to check that out!! :)x

  3. Yey!!!!

    I recommend that everytime you mention your shop on this blog that you make it a tag, so casual readers can easily click it, you can do this by typing any word (eg shop, lucky rainbow designs, etsy) highlight it and then there is a little green icon that says make link, then type in your shop address.

    Best of luck, I just hearted your shop!!

  4. yay:)...cant wait to have one myseff some day:)...good luck:)

  5. Thanks for the tip Ruth!! You're a star!!! I saw the heart this morning and it made my day!! super cute!!! Yea ETSY!!! :)xxx


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