09 February, 2013

Valentines Gifts for Him

"Love is in the air..everywhere I look around", as the song goes!

I'm celebrating my seventh valentines with my handsome other half and just like Christmas, it gets a little harder as the years pass by to think of something creative, unusual and perfect for him. However, a quick drool through Etsy and the interweb and I'm feeling inspired once more.

Possibly the best 'Friends' quote there ever was and found via here

Some lovely and nice smelling exfoliating wash to make him even more handsome...mmm

A beautifully made, simple and not over dramatic card, money, phone wallet...so he can keep everything in one place and stop breaking his bank cards in half! (True story) via here

A naughty valentines card you'll know he'll love! via here

 A massage oil bar...for relaxation purposes! via here

A sweet print. via here

Finally, some crafty ribbon to wrap it all up in. via here


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